I lead impact-driven women

in consciously creating through micro shifts, so they can UNLOCK their FREEDOM.

It looks like magic feels like love,

and is transformational.

Rebecca is a Transformational Coach helping women who want to make an impact. She is inspired to support women in discovering their purpose, and unique talents, and give them tools for consciously creating.

She does this through easy micro habits that elevate energy and thought habits so that her clients can collapse time, unlock freedom, and create the life they love.

She genuinely believes that the more impact-driven women we have in the world, the better the world will be for us all. She is dedicated to liberating women from limiting beliefs and awakening them to their infinite potential.

She uses research-based positive psychology, emotional intelligence, habit stacking, quantum physics, and transurfing (the woo) to create fast results!

The women she works with have been able to transform relationships that haven’t worked for years in a few days. They have gone from jobs that are sucking the life out of them to running online businesses that feed their soul and transform the world. Their health has transformed with some women reversing chronic diseases.

My life changed dramatically when I learned how to set boundaries and not feel guilty. My relationships and life became what I wanted.


In five months I went from hiding in a 9 to 5 job to creating a corporate program with participants and I have helped people in my 1 on 1 to feel less physical pain. My relationships have also become amazing. I am so happy this is what I’m meant to do.


With Rebecca’s mentoring, I was able to quickly change my relationship with my daughter and change my mindset into one of gratitude. So many things have unfolded for me so quickly. Things really can change quickly.


Rebecca is able to explain and give easy step-by-step tools for shifting your energy. I love how supportive and encouraging she is. It’s like having a quantum physics scientist, cheerleader, and coach rolled into one. I can’t believe we aren’t taught this stuff in school.


You really can create the life that you want when you know how it all works.

What most of us don’t know is how our brain and the universe really works at an energetic level. When you understand and work with it instead of against it then quantum leaps happen that feel miraculous.

Our brain is literally a piece of technology that controls our lives and most of us DONT EVEN KNOW IT.

Did you know that scientists have now discovered 95% of the day we are in our subconscious minds on autopilot and 80% of our thoughts are negative? Meaning most of the day is a HABIT and we keep recreating the same relationships, finances, health, and purpose.

Did you know there are laws to the universe that most of us break and don’t know it? Like the law of giving and receiving. We spend our lives thinking we have to work hard, strive, and do, do, do. We actually can receive and be in the flow.

I want to share this wisdom with you. Something that should be common knowledge, something we should be teaching to our children. Something that will elevate you from the inside out. You get to be a conscious creator and receive the life you love.

You don’t have to piece it together or figure it out on your own. I guide women supporting them in transforming their lives into the life they love. I do this by using my own life experiences, my training as a master educator, and my knowledge of positive psychology, transurfing, and neuroscience to help YOU elevate.

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