Is What You Are Doing Worth Your One Life?


Is what you are doing worth your one life? Was a question that was asked during a workshop I was taking and I was floored. I had never thought of my life as ONE. Immediately, I felt the preciousness of it. I was so used to thinking in terms of hours, days, months, years and those seemed to be many. But one? One life? That immediately brought to mind my eldest daughter. She is living her one life in love not fear and she made that decision early on in her adult life.

I went the route of doing what society said I should do, doing it in fear. I went to college because I “feared” I wouldn’t get that good job. I took a job that was stable and not risky because I “feared” what would happen if I did not. I did a lot of things based on the fear of what would happen if I did not instead of based on what I loved. For the longest time, what I was doing wasn’t worth my one life, because it wasn’t done in love it was done in fear.

My daughter, on the other hand, finished one year of college and said, “mom I am done.” “I want to live my life in love, not fear. I don’t want to go to college because I am afraid I won’t get that good job, or I am afraid of what people will think, or that I might disappoint you. I want to go to college because I have a passion and love for something that requires a degree. I get one life and I want to live it in love”. For me that argument was so profound I couldn’t argue.

I want to be clear it’s worth your one life because you are doing it in love.

I am not implying that you have to be an influential speaker, actress, sports star, etc.. What I am asking is, are you making decisions based on love? Are you spreading love? It is so easy to feel annoyed, angry, upset and those triggers are chemically programmed. What are you’d going to create more emotional maturity? Do you have a mindful practice? Are you trying to uncover where these triggers came from? Do you set intentions each morning to spread love and joy?

Your life is worth the impact you are here to make.

Are you giving it your all? Or are you letting hours slip by watching t.v. or surfing the net? Is your health slipping? Are you ignoring the passion inside because you might have to step through fear? I believe we all are here to create an impact on humanity. For some it is a huge ripple for others it is smaller but we all have it. Some do what they must to make it happen, and others let life slide by.

You are the sum of your habits

If you are thinking right now that maybe you aren’t living a life in love, that may be, your health or your time is slipping you can change it. Or maybe your mind yourself often anxious, angry or overwhelmed? What are you doing to change that? What habits do you have in place that are moving in the direction you know you should go?

You really are the sum of your habits. If you want to make a change so that you get to the end and can say, “Yep it was worth my one life” then I invite you to try the Miracle Morning. Starting your day off with an intention, with purpose can change the entire trajectory of where you are at. It is baby steps. Start with just six minutes and build from there.

If you want support in taking an inventory of your habits and an individualized morning routine that will work for you, reach out and schedule a complimentary call. I know I am here to empower people to be as successful as they can and I’d love to empower you.

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