It’s Not About How They Love You


It’s not about how they love you; it’s about how you love them. I don’t mean the good feeling, fuzzy love. I am talking about the love that is action, takes courage, is vulnerable and gives rather than takes. If we try to love based on emotion it will be difficult, because people can be frustrating, offend us, and let us down.

In any situation, we experience an emotion. Emotions are hard to control, so instead of trying to control the emotion control the action that follows the emotion. At first, this may seem hard but it puts you in the creator role. You are no longer a victim of your emotions.

So how do you do this?

1. Practice gratitude every day in every situation

2. Decide ahead of time how you will react

4. If you can don’t respond right away, sleep on it or walk away

5. Journal and reflect on situations, writing a preferred ending

6. Don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable and apologize

Besides being in the creator role there are physical benefits to loving others. When we respond with love a hormone called Oxycontin is released. This hormone lowers our levels of stress, reduces blood pressure, improves our mood, reduces inflammation, just to name a few.

I believe life is a gift and loving people is our repayment. Measure your life by how you love.

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