We live our life based on what we believe.


We live our life based on what we believe, and the belief system is incredibly powerful. It shapes our feelings, our behavior, and our decisions. Whether we are conscious of these beliefs or not they will determine how successful or unsuccessful we are.

Do we believe life is easy and abundant or do we believe we have to work hard for everything we have? Do we believe that people are inherently nice or do we believe people are out to get us and we need to be on guard? Do we believe money is hard to get or evil or do we believe money is a useful tool? Do we believe we are lucky in life or do we believe we are unlucky?

Richard Wiseman, a researcher, and author conducted a study with two groups — one group of people who thought of themselves as lucky, the other self-proclaimed they were “unlucky.”

For one study, Wiseman placed a $20-dollar bill on the street. The group that believed they were lucky spotted the bill almost every time; the “unlucky” group almost always ignored it and walked right past!

This is how powerful our beliefs are in shaping our reality.

Where do those beliefs come from?

If we live our lives based on what we believe and they hold so much power, where are they coming from?

For the most part, our beliefs begin with our culture, parents, teachers, and religion. And the scary part, most of us have ingested these beliefs by age 7. These core beliefs are so ingrained we often don’t know we have them. If we are aware of them, they are often accepted as fact because when we absorbed them, we did not have the ability to think critically.


Between birth and 7 we spend most of our time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles. This allows children to easily absorb and assimilate the massive amounts of information needed to learn the language, body mechanics, and cultural norms. It is like a “super learning” state. Which means we hold beliefs that we didn’t consciously decide to believe, they were absorbed by what we were exposed too, almost like programming. That’s great if we had an environment that fostered positive thinking, unlimited potential, loving and healthy relationships. But what if we absorbed false limitations, fearful thinking, a scarcity mindset?

How do we change our beliefs?

Well, most people may try to change in some ways, but once a challenge comes up, they give up and settle back to their old beliefs about life. If you want to permanently change your life, meaning your tribe, your health, your income your potential, you must change your core beliefs.

“If you keep on living like the way you are now, you will continue to produce the same life you already have.” -Jim Rohn

To change our beliefs, we must start with intention. Decide what it is you want to change and get serious. Write down what is it you believe. Not sure? Look at what you think and say about money, success, relationships and on and on. Then decide what you want. Healthier more satisfying relationships? More success? More abundance? Get serious about changing the belief. That will mean an investment of time and maybe money for a coach, course, or seminar. Whatever you do you have to change the core belief because you must believe it to experience it.

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