The Power of Repeated Words


Even though we don’t have control over everything, we do have control over our words. The words we use are powerful and the power of repeated words is shocking.

Every word you use should make you feel good. Does it?

I am sure you know what I mean. You were part of a conversation and left it feeling, a little yucky. Or you lost your cool, said some words that left you feeling not so great. The words you are using are not only impressing on your subconscious, but they are also becoming true in the minds of the people you are saying them too.

Do you often say negative things about yourself? About your partner? Is that what you want people to believe?

Consciously choose the words you speak

Starting with the repeated words you say about yourself and your loved ones. Make a conscious effort to only use positive words. If you often say negative things like, I am overweight, or I can’t find a partner, try reframing it. Remember the power of repeated words is very effective. For example, you can say I am working towards my ideal weight or I am looking forward to when I meet the perfect partner.

Besides framing things negatively, look out for absolutes. Meaning stay away from words like, always, never, and every. Those types of words leave no room for improvement or change. In addition, using absolutes often creates defensiveness in the person you are talking with.

Try changing the words like can’t, won’t, shouldn’t to more powerful words like, I choose not too, or not right now.

What words are you saying about yourself?

Listen to what you say about yourself. This is what you innately believe and it follows the two words, I am. These are very powerful words that you should be very aware of. They define who you truly believe you are and if you repeat these words they have a powerful effect on your life. So if you are saying things like:

I am lazy

I am fat

I am shy

I am dumb

I am not athletic

I am not that smart

I am not a good driver

STOP! It doesn’t matter if there is any truth to these words, your subconscious will believe them and make them your reality. Be sure and choose only a positive description after I am.

Are you complaining?

Are you complaining and often repeating the same words? Did you know when we are complaining we are usually speaking from fear?

Yep, that’s right, fear.

So the first step to stopping the complaining is to figure out why you are about to say it. Then ask yourself is this what I want my subconscious to believe and is this what I want the world to believe? If it isn’t, try reframing and speak from a place of kindness and love.

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